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 Has your home or property been damaged?  Our trained group of insurance professionals are here to help. We provide experienced insurance claim representation for Homeowners, Commercial property owners, and Condominium owners.  Property Damage Claims are our specialty! The conflict of interest that is created when one person represents the Insured and the insurance company at the same time (insurance company adjuster) is solved, when you hire R-D Adjusting.  


We can handle it for you . . .

 Filing for insurance claims can be a very daunting process.  With no up-front costs to the insured, we interpret all the complex and ambiguous language forced on homeowners in their insurance policies and relieve the homeowner from the stress of handling their own claim. With our knowledge and professionalism we succeed in maximizing the recovery of all types of claims, while providing a helping hand through the e​ntire claims process. 


Building Relationships

 We work for the Insured, Not the insurance company!  Our interest solely lies with the Insured.  We rigorously negotiate  for every dollar you are entitled to for your property loss. We even the playing field by being the insurance advocate every Insured needs.  If you have had a property damage claim in the past 3 years, are currently fighting a claim, or will ever have a claim in the future; utilizing our services is a Win-Win!  Stand up tall against insurance companies with representation on your side... call us today! 




Here at R-D Adjusting, we are dedicated to you and all your insurance claim needs.

We have over 45 years combined adjusting experience, and have won clients over 1 million dollars in recovery money. But, our most important win is making you a happy, long-life customer.


R-D Adjusting of Fort Pierce treats every claim, residential or commercial, large or small, with the same urgency and importance. Our professional standards and respect extends to every policy holder as we guide you through the recovery process.  


We are public insurance adjusters licensed by the State of Florida to represent you. We are not employed by, nor do we represent the interests of, any insurance company.


A public insurance adjuster is an insurance claims adjuster who advocates for the policy holder in the appraising and negotiating an insureds insurance claim. side from attorneys and the insurance agent, public adjusters licensed by the department of insurance, are the only type of claim adjusters that can legally represent the rights of an insured during an insurance claims process.


Most insurance claims in the US are grossly underpaid, delayed or downplayed. Typically a policy holder hires a public adjuster to document and expedite their claims, obtain a more satisfactory claim recovery more quickly, to restore their residence or business operations, and remove themselves from the stress of engaging in an adversarial position with an insurance company. It is most beneficial to contact R-D Adjusting immediately in the case of a loss. A public adjuster engaged early in the process, before the fact finding stage, will have more opportunity to help the policyholder receive a fair settlement for all legitimate covered losses covered under the insurance policy. Any time during the negotiations with the insurance company and even after a settlement has been received by an insured, a public adjuster may be able to negotiate for a higher amount.  


We are consumer advocates licensed by the 'Florida Department of Insurance' as Public Insurance Adjusters to protect your rights. Your home may be your largest investment, shouldn't you make sure it is properly repaired by your insurance company! Insurance companies have the benefit of their representatives estimating your property damage. Why shouldn't You?

R-D Adjusting of Fort Pierce, is owned and operated by claims professionals with experience handling all types of insurance claims. We are dedicated to representing your interests by maximizing the insurance settlement, making sure policy provisions are fully adhered to and in evaluating and presenting your claims to the insurance company responsible for the payment of your claim. 

We have the experience and knowledge to interpret policy language to assure that you receive proper payment for all covered damage.

We will file your claim, complete a full assessment of your loss, estimate the cost to repair or replace your damaged property and complete the necessary forms and paperwork for presentation to the insurance company. This includes building damage, content items and the cost of living elsewhere should your home become unlivable due to your loss.


Water Damage


Largest cause of property loss is water damage. Our professional advise for you is to reach out to your insurance agent to double check your coverage.



Hurricanes are some of the most devastating natural phenomenons in the world. We at R-D Adjusting prepare year long to assist as many people as possible in their claims process. 

Fire Damage


Losing your home in a fire is one of the most devastating tragedies anybody can endure. R-D Adjusting is here to take care of you while you take care of your family.

Storm Damage


Storms often plague the Sunshine State but R-D Adjusting is prepared to assist you in expediting your loss proceeds. R-D Adjusting at heart, will collaborate with you to lighten the burden through the entire claims process, we wont leave you in the dark. 

Roof Damage


Roof damages are common after a storm or bad weather. Often times insurance companies will underpay, delay or deny on these claims making it a strain for the homeowner to cover repair costs.

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 We handle claims for: Water Damage, Fire, Pipe, Leak, Roof Damage and more! Any insurance claim questions...we can help!

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Our Team

Rich Downey

Rich began his career in Public Adjusting in 2005. A strong advocate for his clients and a fierce contender against insurance companies he will always have the insured's best interest at heart. In 2012 he opened his own PA firm known as R-D Adjusting. In 2016 he handled and advocated multi-million dollar commercial claims in Florida and the Bahamas netting him a profitable reputation as one of Florida's top adjusters.

Julie Wighard

Licensed insurance agent who used to write policies for insurance companies, changed  career direction to assists home owners with navigating the claims process. For 5 years Julie has been aiding insured homeowners by keeping them informed. Providing clarity, consistency and honesty Julie's background combined with her experience makes her the ideal backbone to a successful firm. 

Rodney Flynn

A veteran in the insurance and remediation industry for 13 years, Rodney's track record, experience and knowledge brings a fundamental understanding to the claims process. As Senior Estimator, its his role to make sure the estimates and number match the needs of the insured's claim. Rodney treats each claim as his own, making sure that every estimate is laser point accurate.


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